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Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector

Meeting with your home inspector can be overwhelming as you sift through tens of pages of comments and pictures. To help you better know your home, here are some questions you might want to ask?

Home Maintenance Questions

  • Where is the water meter?

  • Where do I change the HVAC filter?

  • Where is the electrical panel?

  • How do I access the attic?

Advanced Questions

  • Is the AC condenser breaker the correct size?

  • What type of wire is used in the house?

  • Are there GFCI and AFCI protections in the correct locations?

  • How thick is the insulation?

  • Did the windows in the bedrooms open?

  • How do I operate the thermostat (especially if it is one of the new ones)?

  • What was the AC temperature differential reading?

I'm sure you will have more questions as you go through your individual inspection report, but these are some good ones to consider.

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